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China Sourcing

With our advantageous location and over 9 years of ecommerce business, we’ve built an extensive network of reputable manufacturers. Whether dropshipping or supplying an established brand, we can help find the lowest manufacturing and shipping costs.
Extensive Products
3plfulfill sources items for reputable manufacturers. Only once manufacturers pass our stringent QC do we confirm cooperation. Manufacturers are routinely reviewed, and failure to meet our standards will result in Day One seeking new manufacturers.
Automated Fulfillment
Poor quality products lead to returns and unhappy customers, which cost money and hurt reputations. Our professional team inspects all product samples and will not green light any product without confirmation from you.
Worldwide Shipping
Our central east coast location means that we receive shipments from factories extremely fast. In addition, our private express lines and close proximity to ports in both Shanghai and Ningbo help to quickly send your products on their way to customers around the globe.

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